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    The Gist of GSTN

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    My new book The Gist of GSTN

    The Gist of GSTN shows how GSTN can lay the foundation for creating a lot of new, high paying jobs
    By Sree Iyer -

    June 16, 2017

    The Gist of GSTN explains the plumbing and what is needed to make it an engine for the jobs of future
    Dear Readers,

    The tremendous success of NDTV Frauds spurred me to write this book. The Gist of GSTN is intended to explain the intricacies of this technology to the common man/ woman (Usage of the word lay person in this day and age may be misconstrued and hence avoided). The whole taxation system is being upended and everyone is scrambling to adjust to the new reality. If the plumbing of the GSTN is done right, it could be a generator of a lot of new jobs most of which will be high paying.
    To every new entrepreneur, this book is for you. These are jobs that are yet to be defined – and therefore you can have a head start.
    Why did I write this book?

    As I started reading up on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill as it was being readied, I was struck by its noble ambition – being a single tax collector which will allow goods to move seamlessly across states, languages and reach the destination in a time that is a fraction of what it is today. What was even more impressive was the stated goal of the Cyber backbone that was going to run this engine – The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). If designed correctly, GSTN can create thousands of jobs for computer programmers who can build models, analytics, forecasting etc. so that the nation as a whole can weather droughts/ natural calamities etc. easily as all the information will be available at the touch of a button.
    Who should read this?

    If you are curious about how GST is going to change your life (believe me when I say this – it will), then The Gist of GSTN is for you. You may experience a hiccup or two while the new method takes shape but in the end, it will catapult India to that of a developed country.
    Many new companies will be formed to take advantage of the Data that GSTN can provide. To every new entrepreneur, this book is for you. These are jobs that are yet to be defined – and therefore you can have a head start.


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