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    Javvarisi vadam

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    Dear All.....I happened to get Javvarisi Vadam every year when I come to India. Kids like it the most(without jeera) as a snack all time of the day. That too during holidays, we make atleast each bowl full on the table. It is good, that this family are the only one who makes it in both versions of with and without Jeera.

    Kids growing fast, they kept asking different colors(flavours). So, mom asked, they said, can do it, when quantities are min of 50kgs. I have given them colors like Mint, Coriander, Carrot, Beet last time of my visit but I think, it is yet to roll out. We and my fellow Indians here, pre-order around 30-40kgs atleast 2 months before we come in. Since it is seasonal, sufficient time is given for their production, best part is they always make it in small batches and do not stock in advance. We used to keep it atleast for an year in closed containers and dump it into deep freezer.

    My mom spoke to them, and understood that these are traditionally done by elderly brahmins/mid age house wives. For almost a decade whenever I come down to India, will buy from them as my American/Mexican friends likes a lot. It has become a great party snack with yummy mint chutney .

    This time, found they have gone online(naturise.in). Specialty is, they do not make any other vadam except this, as my mom asked to do ILAI VADAM & ARISI APPALAM which they said, will thinkover, as many are asking for that too was the answer. May be, shortage of labor it may be.

    But, try it out, it is so good.
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