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    Aditya Hrdayam - 5.2 - Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 165 Summary

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    Summary of Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 165

    Rg Veda:

    Matter (DevaH) which the kinetic energy (kapota) came hither seeking, is sent to us as the envoy of nRRti (the Dark Energy Scalar field). That energy is removed (from the field), bringing to rest (establishing) particle pairs (dvi-pAda) and force-fields (catuspAda).

    The Dark Kinetic energy (zivah kapota) seeks to be the potential energy (zakuno grhesu) in the other force-fields. This self-excited transfer of energy (agni) partakes the oblation. This Arrow with wings (agni) consumes the darkness (vrnaktu).

    Quintessence Model:

    In Quintessence model, this is exactly how dark energy scalar field is explained. There is a transfer of energy from this Dark Energy Scalar field to other force-fields. The kinetic energy of Dark energy field becomes the potential energy of other force-fields due to transfer of energy between force-fields

    Rg Veda:

    This Arrow with wings does not deceive (disappoint) us. On our ether (empty space) gets created as the abode of receiving this fire. (The fire settles on our ether). The Cold Dark Matter (Purusha) and the Strong force fields (gA) become established. The Kinetic energy (of Dark energy) does not hurt these fields here (it adds to them).

    Quintessence Model:

    When strong force-field has energy, it transfers energy to Dirac-Fermi fields and produces Quarks and Anti-Quarks, according to standard model. The Diac-Fermi fields are our ‘abodes’ on which Quarks and leptons evolve and the universal matter gets built. The Dark Energy scalar fields aids in adding to potential energy of other force-fields and does not rip them off.

    Rg Veda:

    Whatever that Uluka (potential energy of dirac-fermi field..?) expresses is ineffective (particles that arise in this field) when the abode of kinetic energy is made of agni/transfer of energy. Whatever that messenger sends out, all those are sent to the charge and is annihilated by that charge.

    As particles arise in dirac-fermi (matter) fields they acquire charge, annihilate themselves and go back to become energy. This keeps on happening till the time the transfer of energy happens from kinetic energy of Dark Energy to other force-fields.

    Quintessence Model

    As matter particles form due to potential energy of other force-fields (in particular dirac-fermi field), the acquire charge. When they acquire charge, the particles annihilate each other and become energy once again. But as potential energy increases in dirac-fermi fields more and more matter particles form. Hence it takes time to form a lot of matter particles.

    Rg Veda

    Meaningful verses (rcA) of the kinetic energy of Dark energy (kapotaM) is driven away (nudata) when the internally excited strong force-fields (gAm) gain leadership (nayadhvam). They (meaningful verses of strong force-field) unite together and cross over the difficult times. Thus as the Kinetic energy (kapota) moves away, it leaves us vigor/strength.

    Quintessence Model

    The strong force-field gets energy from Dark Energy field and in turn transfer energy to Dirac-Fermi field. Quarks and AntiQuarks rise in this field. The quarks unite together as Quark Gluon Plasma. With Quark Gluon plasma the matter particles (potential energy of Dirac-Fermi fields) acquire supremacy than radiation (kinetic energy of Dark Energy scalar field).

    Thus when (internally excited mad-antah) strong force fields acquire leadership (nayadhvam), which means more and more quark-gluon-plasma is produced, the potential energy of the strong force-field and dirac-fermi fields become much more than the kinetic energy of the Dark Energy field.

    The difference between the potential energy of other force-fields and kinetic energy of Dark energy field creates a pressure. This pressure is attractive if kinetic energy of Dark energy scalar field is greater than the potential energy of other fields. This pressure is repulsive when potential energy of other fields becomes greater (more particles are produced) than the kinetic energy of dark energy scalar field.

    When the pressure is attractive, it produces a gravity life effect on spacetime. When it is repulsive it expands the spacetime.
    Thus the kapota (kinetic energy of dark energy scalar field) moves away means the potential energy of other fields (purusha/cold dark matter field, ga/strong force field) becomes more which produces more particles and hence the Universe.

    Thus as the kapota (kinetic energy of dark energy field) flies farther and farther, moves away and away it means, other force-fields (and us in general) are endowed with more and more wealth (particles)


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