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Thread: aikamatyam

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    ऐकमत्यंम् भवेदेषां ब्राह्मणानां पृथग्धियाम्।
    निर्वैरता च जायेत संवादाग्नेl प्रसीद में।

    aikamatyam bhavet eshaam braahmanaanaam prithak dhiyaam.
    nirvairataa ta jaayeta. Samvaadaagne praseeda ma..

    May there be unity of mind and action among the learned men or brahmins who may be very mature in thinking and may they think again and again before deciding an issue, (May they be of clear and mature intellect)
    May all the animosity vanish and mutual amity arise.
    Oh the fire of (resolution of ) disputes, may you be pleased with me.

    A version Samvaadaagni prashaamyatu..
    संवादाग्निः प्रशाम्यतु
    meaning may the agni of disputes calm down.. is also is seen

    This is chanted at the conclusion of vedic rites.. After chanting the Aikamatya sooktham.. which is also called Samvada sooktham..

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