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    Mruthyu bheetha mrukandu soonu krutha sthavam shiva sannidhou,
    Yathra Thathra cha ya padennahi thasya mruthyu bhayam bhaveth,
    Poorna mayor aroghitha makhilarthasambadamdhyam,
    Chandra Shekara Eva thasya dadadhathi mukthi mayathnatha. 9

    He who reads this prayer,
    Composed by the son of Mrukandu,
    Who was fear struck with death,,
    In the temple of Lord Shiva,
    Will not have fear of death,
    He would have full healthy life,
    With all grains and all wealth,
    And Lord Chandra Shekara,
    Would give Him,
    Salvation in the end.

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    அரனே என்று தொழ
    அருமைகளை நிறைக்கும்
    அரனே! மனதில் உளனே !!
    அரணாய் அனைவரையும் கா !!
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