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    Quote Originally Posted by Raji Ram View Post
    We are awaiting Dhaksha's experience while getting her nose pierced twice!
    Raji maam, I have indeed pierced both sides. Currently having 2 small gold nose studs, the wounds are expected to heal in 10-15 days. So the holes will be ready for me to wear the larger mookuthis.

    It was one of the most painful experiences I had !!!!

    They used a needle 2 for each nose, the stud was attached to the back so once the needle goes through the front of the needle was removed and screwed from the inside !!!!!

    initially for the first nose I managed to hold back my tears, but for the second one I could not control my tears it was so painful s I let it out. was a bit embarrassing.Hope

    It feels odd the studs sitting on my nose, may be because they are new & I am having significant pain, did apply some anti septic cream.

    Now interested to see my mookuthi design, just wonder how heavy are they going to be !!!!!!!!!!
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