Parthasarathy temple gears up for festival
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    Parthasarathy temple gears up for festival

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    Parthasarathy temple gears up for festival

    Chennai: For Vaikunta Ekadasi on 8 January, officials at Sri Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane here are preparing to handle the sea of pilgrims that is expected on that day.

    Explaining about the arrangements made in the temple premises, executive officer Kaveri said special queues for entry into the temple and the sanctum sanctorum are well-planned and arranged. "CCTV cameras in every possible vantage points, to monitor the crowds, are being placed. Many barricades will be in place to avoid the crowd from going out of order. Emergency medical assistance, by the 108 ambulance service, will be on standby near the temple," she said.

    Proper drinking water supply for the devotees is proposed. LED screens on the west and east sides, outside the temple are planned to be placed, to project the pooja process.

    Kaveri also said shorter queues and easy walkway for the differently abled individuals and senior citizens will be arranged.
    Special busses and special trains are being run to accommodate the crowd of devotees on the auspicious day. Additional decorative lightings are planned to be fitted to make the premises more attractive.

    Infographics are proposed to be given to elucidate the history of the temple and about the various happenings through the years.

    With the feedback and complaints from the devotees visited the previous year, we wish to make this year's event problem-free and crowd-friendly, Kaveri added.

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