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    Mobile phone compatibility is not available

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    Unable to view the contents in mobile phone. People like me who is having internet access only through mobile phones are deprived of viewing tamilbrahmins webite.
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    Unfortunately, the mobile version of the site has only basic features. These features will enable you to create a new thread, post replies, send/receive private messages.

    Anything other than this, desktop version is required.

    This is mainly because of two (maybe three) reasons.

    1. The software that we are running is quite complex for a regular programmer to configure/change/modify. The ones that can do are quite expensive. Plus we are running a slightly older but stable version of the software. The latest version is quite buggy and is not compatible with a lot of features we currently have. So we have not upgraded to that version yet.

    2. We tried moving to a different software but apart from this one, there is only one (or two) others that are compatible. But the cost of a new license + moving 10 years of content is a herculean task.

    3. Since in mobile speed is important, the focus is more on loading time than on features.

    Having said that, i will see what can done about this in the coming weeks.

    Thank you.
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