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    Pearls of scientific knowledge in vedas:

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    I belong to taittiriya shAkhA (T.S.) of krsna Yajurvedam and after donkey’s years of learning by rote not knowing the meaning of my blabbering/incantanations, I tried to acquire a very very basic knowledge of Sanskrit (more particularly of vedic Sanskrit – which has a lot of exceptions to pANini’s ashtAdhyAyee) to understand what I was chanting away in vedic glory.

    I was also impressed by the knowledge of science and mathematics in vedAs proper, but these are scattered in various places and many would miss these pearls of knowledge unless he was scanning for the precise information with a fine comb.

    At the same time I also came across various bombastic claims made by many in various internet blogs and forums and chats, which contained highly exaggerated, contested and incredulous claims, downright blatant and mischievous translations which many a times brought derision from the readers even in our forum.

    I would like to present my tit-bits in this thread and seek the indulgence of the learned members to contribute to, refute, and challenge my presentation, but refrain from showing mere disdain (without any rationale) or mere polemics.

    I have a job to keep and not that fabulously financially endowed, so I can contribute only during my spare time, so posts from me would not be in a time bound manner.

    If anyone proposes to add stuff from the ever mushrooming cyber space, please take care that the stuff you copy paste does not suffer from the infirmities of convenient translations and downright wrong and unsustainable translation of original passage.

    If possible, please include the original Sanskrit/vedic passage either in devanAgari or in roman transliteration and if possible, give the chapter and verse (like mantra #, khAnda # etc)

    Oh yes, those who wish to bash me, please open a separate thread for bashing where we can do dishum-dishum, but let the readers get uninterrupted of content rather than polemics in this thread.

    More in the next post.
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