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    Aditya Hrdayam - Part 4.6.2 - Soma to PavamAna

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    -Continued from 4.6.1

    Translations Rgveda Mandala 9 Hymn 74 - Verse 02-06

    divo ya skambho dharuNaH svĀtata ApUrNo aMzuH paryeti vizvataH

    seme mahI rodasI yakSad ĀvRtĀ samIcIne dĀdhĀra sam iSaH kaviH

    Divo ya -
    Skambha - support, pillar
    dharuNaH - bearing, holding supporter
    svAtata - well stretched, well fixed
    ApUrNo - full of
    amZuH - gluons, ‘stalk’ or ‘filament’ carrying soma
    Paryeti - completes its orbit, moves around
    vizvataH -Universally, everywhere, all around
    Seme -
    mahI - great
    rodasI - heaven and earth, lightning as wife of Rudra and companion of the Maruts, discharge of energy, energy transfer, discharge
    yakSad - semi divine being, kuvera, gluon flux tube, gluon condensate matter
    AvRta - condensed
    samIcina - tending in a common direction , going with or in company with , being or remaining together , connected , united , complete , all , whole
    dAdhAra - produced, discharged
    Sam - together
    kaviH - photon epoch, wise beings

    Amzu is described as ‘stalk’ of soma or ‘filament’ of soma. Soma is strong force. The stalk or filament that carries the strong force are gluons. Amzu is also described as ‘thread’ and a minute end of thread. They are a ray and also the particle at the end of the ray. It is well stretched. Gluons are particles but also rays as they have zero mass. They are ofcourse ‘well-stretched’ inside baryons and mesons

    Amzu the gluons are described as the ‘pillars’ holding the dawn of the Universe.

    My translation

    The pillar holding the dawn are the well stretched complete amzu moving around. Great discharge condenses yakSa, tending in common direction for wiser beings.
    The great discharge of gluons condenses to a yakSa (Color flux tube or gluon condensate matter or the Kuvera or Danada), giving rise to wiser beings.

    Griffith's translation
    A far-extended pillar that supports the sky the Soma-stalk, filled full, moves itself every way.

    He shall bring both these great worlds while the rite proceeds: the Sage holds these who move! together and all food

    mahi psaraH sukRtaM somyam madhUrvI gavyUtir aditer RtaM yate

    Ize yo vRSTer ita usriyo vRSApAM netĀ ya itaUtir RgmiyaH

    Mahi - great
    Ap- photons saras - moving - great mover
    sukRtam - good deeds, well done
    Somyam - containing the Soma
    madhUrvi - sweet
    gavyUtir - pasture
    Aditer - From the Aditi
    Rtam - order
    yate - restrained, subdued, governance
    Ize yah
    vRSTer - rain
    Usriyo - morning light, light of dawn’s
    vRSa apAM - strong/energetic photons
    netA ya - lead, guide
    itaUtir - extending or reaching from hence
    RgmiyaH - consisting of Rc, celebrated with Rc

    I translate ap-saras as mover of apa or mover of photons, as Apa are photons. I tranlsate vrsa Apam as energetic photons.

    My translation

    The Great mover of the photons containing soma (the amzu or yakSa) does well to (be) the sweet pasture for Aditi’s order.He who commands the morning light of strong/energetic photons lead/guide extending from hence consisting of Rc (verses or particles).

    Wide space hath he who follows Aditi's right path, and mighty, well-made food, meath blent with Soma juice;
    He who from hence commands the rain, Steer of the kine, Leader of floods, who helps us hence, who claims our laud.

    Ātmanvan nabho duhyate ghRtam paya Rtasya nĀbhir amRtaM vi jĀyate

    samIcInĀH sudĀnavaH prINanti tam naro hitam ava mehanti peravaH

    Atmanvan - that contains the extremely virtual
    nAbho duhyate - milks the navel/center
    ghRtam -that is sprinkled, the ghee/oil/fuel
    Paya - juice, essence
    Rtyasya - order’s
    nAbhir - unto the navel
    amRtam - immortal
    Vi jAyate - is certainly born
    samIcina - tending in a common direction , going with or in company with , being or remaining together , connected , united , complete , all , whole
    sudAnavaH - auspicious donation
    priNanti - try to please, they please
    tam- that, unto that
    nara - real
    hitam - impelled, beneficial
    ava- away
    mehanti - they stream, they bestow abundantly
    Peru avaH - carrying across away, rescuing away, delivering away

    My translation

    The order’s essence, the oil for oblation, milked from the navel of the extremely virtual is born as immortal nectar. Tending in a common direction the auspiciously gifted try to please, they stream away those beneficial real particles

    Griffith’s translation
    Butter and milk are drawn from animated cloud; thence Amrta is produced, centre of sacrifice.
    Hini the Most Bounteous Ones, ever united, love; him as ouir Friend the Men who make all swell rain down.

    arĀvId aMzuH sacamĀna UrmiNĀ devĀvyam manuSe pinvati tvacam

    dadhĀti garbham aditer upastha Ā yena tokaM ca tanayaM ca dhĀmahe

    arAvid - soundless
    amzuH- gluons
    sacamAna- attached to
    urmiNa - wavy
    devAvyam - matter filter, matter strainer
    manuSa - beings with manas (virtual)
    Pinvati - causes to overflow
    Tvacam - skin
    dadhAti - gives
    Garbham - pregnancy
    Aditer - undivided
    Upastha - places itself nearby
    Yena - by which way
    tokaM ca- offsprings and
    tanayam ca- children
    dhAmahe - are got

    My translation
    The amzu/gluons (soma-stalk) silently/noiselessly/without expressing explicitly attach smoothly; They strain/filter the soma causes the matter with virtual particles to overflow from their skin. They give pregnancy undividedly by placing self near by which way offsprings and children are got.

    Griffith’s translation
    The Soma-stalk hath roared, following with the wave: he swells with sap for man the skin which Gods enjoy.
    Upon the lap of Aditi he lays the germ, by means whereof we gain children and progeny.

    sahasradhĀre 'va tĀ asazcatas tRtIye santu rajasi prajĀvatIH

    catasro nĀbho nihitĀ avo divo havir bharanty amRtaM ghRtazcutaH ||

    Sahasra dhAre - innumerous streams
    Ava - away
    tA - those
    Asazcatas - inexhaustible
    Trtiye - third, in the third
    Santu - let there be, may become
    Rajasi - passionate
    prajAvatiH - pregnant with offspring
    Catasro - four
    nAbho - navel
    nihitA - laid placed deposited
    Avo divo - away dawn
    Havir- oblations
    Bharanty -they bear/support
    amRtam - immortal
    ghrtazcutaH - distils the ghee or strong force

    My translation

    Innumerous streaming of those inexhaustible in third division/generation manifests passionate off-springs.The dawn placed downwards from four navels (four centers); the oblations carry the immortal oil/ghee (in this case the soma or strong force) that distills.

    The three regions are the three generations of matter. The third generation of matter manifests passionate offsprings. The dawn is placed downwards of the four navels.The four navels are the four fundamental forces (strong, weak, Higgs, electromagnetic). The oblations (quarks/antiquarks from the gluon flux tube) carry the soma or strong force as the ghee that burns them. The soma or strong force distils further in them.

    Griffith’s translation
    In the third region which distils a thousand streams, may the Exhaustless Ones descend with procreant power.
    The kindred Four have been sent downward from the heavens: dropping with oil they bring Amrta and sacred gifts.

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