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    Poorna Kumbham-Significance?

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    Generally we offer Purna kumbha Maryadhai to Sanyasins and Sages on arrival.What is the religious significance of this?Can this also be offered to Grihasthas and Other Pandits?
    Can someone enlighten me on this practice?and How it came about because it is an ancient practice
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    Respected sir,

    Poornakumbha mariyadhai is a type of glorification only. You can provide that to anyone whom you consider as possessing superior qualities.

    A "Purnakumbha" is a pot filled with water and topped with fresh mango leaves and a coconut and considered to be the "staphna" of the puja. The pot symbolizes Mother Earth, water is the life giver, coconut the divine consciousness and the mango leaves symbolizes life. The whole "Purnakumbha" is symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi and good fortune.

    Reference of Purana Kumbha is found in the Skanda Purana and the Matsya Purana. In Skanda Purana it is mentioned that the ‘Purna Kumbha’ can be worshipped. Matsya Purana indicates that people placed it at their doors as a sign of plenty.

    Purna Kumbha mainly contains ‘water’ – the veritable life principle. Thus it is a direct worship of Varuna – the God of rain. He is the harbinger of rain which ensures fertility on earth and which nourishes animals and human beings.

    The earthen pot used as Purna Kumba is decorated with geometric designs and Swastika. The geometric design various from region to region and from community to community. Depending on the society and its wealth, earthenware gives way to silver, brass or gold pots.

    Apart from water, Purna Kumbha is filled with twigs or leaves of five trees – Ashwatha (peepul), Vata (Banyan), Amra (Mango), Panasa (Jackfruit) and Bakula (Elengi). A lotus flower and a small bowl of rice are also put in the pot. The mouth of the pot is covered with a husked coconut, which is decorated from the sides with mango leaves.

    Except for water, what goes in the pot varies from region to region. Mango leaves and the coconut is a constant factor in most areas.

    All the items used in the Purna Kumbha signify life in its bloom and plenty. It also indicates that human beings are part of nature and when nature thrives human beings too flourish.

    Source: Hindu-blog.com

    Kann Kalikkumpadi kandukonden Kadambadaviyil
    pann kalikkum kural veenaiyum kaiyum payodharamum
    mann kalikkum pachai vannamum aghi mathangar kula
    penngalil thondria emperumaatithan perazhage

    (Abirami Andhadhi)
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