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    Sri VaishnaVa Sampradaya Saara Nidhi (in Tamil)

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    Sri VaishNaVa Sampradaya Saara Nidhi (in Tamil) By Sri P.B.Annangarachariar Swamy
    (The quintessence of of VaishNaVa Tradition)
    English Translation by Shrii Vengrai Parthasarathy

    This article on Sri VaishNaVa Sampradaya has been contributed by our member Shri. Vengrai Parthasarathy (profile).

    Many are the ‘Living Creatures’ created by Brahma, the Lord of Creation (who is himself a creation of Sri Narayana). To be born a Human is a special privilege. And, to be born as a Hindu, that too a Sri VaishNaVa is a matchless blessing, because it is the cumulative effect or fruit of generational virtuous deeds (Karma). At the same time this privileged position carries with it many an obligation. To enhance its value, a true VaishNaVa has to know what the tradition is about and follow certain daily duties (dinacharya) or guide-lines.

    Word document converted to PDF and published as provided. No changes were made to the content.

    Since i do not read all the posts, if you need to bring something to my attention report the post or send me a message with the link.

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