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    Chennakesava Temple, Somnathpur

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    Somnathpur temple, also known as "Kesava temple".It is located on the bank of river Kaveri in a small village of Somnathpur, which is 38 km from Mysore. This Somnath temple Mysore is said to be the last major temple of Hoysala dynasty. Somnathpur temple was constructed in 1268 A.D. during the reign of Narsimha III by his army general "Somnath", hence the name of temple is named after him.The temple is built on an elevated star shaped platform. The temple has three shrines and three sanctums. The temple has three intricately carved pinnacles and a common Navranga. The northern sanctum has the idol of
    Lord Janardhana and the southern sanctum has the idol of Lord Venugopala. But the idol of Lord Kesava is missing at present.
    The The outer walls of the temples are decorated with beautiful carvings. The platform on which the temple stands, is adorned with two seated lions. The temple is structured in a series of bands, winding around a star from the building. The main entrance of the temple complex is in the east side of the courtyard.How to reach:
    Somnathpur, is 38 kms from Mysore.both Karnataka State Government (KSRTC) and private buses are available.

    As posted by Sudha Susri in Facebook
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