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    Swami Dayananda Vidyalaya, Andal Mantapam, Pazhaverkadu

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    Dear friends,

    Yesterday I visited the above school situated approx 50 KM north of Chennai. Pazhaverkadu is a coastal Village inhabited mostly by fisherman.

    The village was affected by Tsunami and disciples of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi (Formerly Chinmaya Mission) have done rehabilitation work. They have opened a school in a six and half acre complex. At present only upto Vth Standard is being offered and from next year onwards, they are planning to increase it upto plus 2 gradually.

    There is no proper school in the vicinity. Decent buildings have been constructed with donations amounting to Approx,. Rs.1 cr. The doners include Confederation of Indian Industry, NIIT,KPMG etc.

    While fixed costs are being built with donations, the running costs are not being met fully.

    I personally saw around 240 students studying in the school. Hindus, Muslims and christians are studying in the school. About 75% are poor hindu children.

    The school charges very nominal fee of Rs.125 per month for LKG which increases to approx. Rs.250 per month for Vth std. However local students are unable to pay even this amount and there seems to be lot of defaults.

    Teachers are paid just nominal salary of Rs.3,000 to 5,000 pm but they are all highly motivated and dedicated.

    They don't have a fulfledged website but few details are available in the following.


    I couldn't meet Junior Swamiji who manages the institution since he was out of station.

    I shall meet the swamiji when he returns from his tour.

    I have told them that a website is very much required where they can put all the activities along with annual reports and audited accounts.

    I spontaneously offered to sponsor one child and paid Rs.4000 in cash apart from distributing chocolates to the children.

    Those who are interested in participating in this noble cause, please get in touch with me.

    Please wait for my next step of meeting the Swamiji in charge of this institution I shall tell him clearly that they should create a website exclusively for this school and should transparently publish audited accounts and reports. I shall also impress upon him to publish donations list.

    The school has obtained exemption from Indian Income tax under sec 80G for donations.
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    Rotary clubs/lions clubs adopt schools for meeting their needs. Since the school is situated near chennai you can approach the rotary District Governor ,Madras.In fact Rotary club of north Madras is doingyomenservice for the school& children and others in one village called Nappalayam,outskirts of North chennai.
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