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    Stephen Knapp-His Books on Spirituality, Vedic Culture and Eastern Philosophy

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    Stephen Knapp-His Books on Spirituality, Vedic Culture and Eastern Philosophy

    This has become a huge site with lots of information for the promotion of personal and social spiritual development, especially by using the Vedic path. This site has something for everyone interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, Eastern Philosophy, theVedas, Vedic Culture, Yoga, Hinduism, reincarnation, or life after death. It also deals with traveling to the holy places of India, the science of the soul, understanding God, vegetarianism, global peace, and much more.

    "This is designed to give succinct and easy answers to common questions about the Vedic tradition and its customs. It is a continuation and a deeper level to the ebook I wrote called, AVedic Culture / Hinduism: A Short Introduction,@ also found on my website at: http://stephenknapp.info. This is to help show that everything in the Vedic tradition has a purpose and a logical explanation, if we only know what it is and can, thus, explain it to others so they also can understand it. More elaborate answers to the philosophical questions and explanations of the Vedic spiritual knowledge can be found in my books.

    Presently many Indian Hindus have let themselves be swept away from their roots by the storm of cultural exchange coming from the West. Many have also lost faith in their own values. Some feel ashamed in following basic Vedic traditions. But that is mostly because they have lost the reasons behind the purpose of them. How can we explain the meaning and purpose behind these symbols and traditions when we ourselves don't know them? So it is now time to again regain the awareness and the reasoning of the customs of this great and profound culture. It is time to again awaken to the reasons for the traditions that have been followed for thousands of years, and this booklet is such an attempt to do that. "


    Please open the link to read more

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