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    Chapter 12: The path of devotion

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    (This chapter tells us in detail about “devotion to God”. It clearly says the idol worship is inferior to the worship of the supreme formless entity. A very universal definition of “devotion to god” is also given)

    Arjuna asked:-

    Among your devotees, who worship,
    You with a stable mind and with devotion,
    And those who worship the imperishable,
    Which cannot be known to the senses,
    Who is the better one, Oh God?

    The Lord said:-

    I consider those devotees who with a stable mind,
    And with great sense of devotion worshipping me,
    As those who know the concept of devotion, well.

    In spite of that, those devotees of the imperishable,
    Which is beyond words, which cannot be seen by the eye,
    Which is beyond the reach of mind, which is everywhere,
    Which is without change, which is stable and eternal,
    And which can never be destroyed by anything,
    And who worship me, coupled with equanimity,
    Controlling their senses well, and also pray for the welfare of everyone,
    Surely and definitely reach me, without any doubt

    They find it hard to meditate on the abstract,
    For the way to the abstract is difficult,
    For those, who have attachment to this body?

    But for those, who renounce all actions in me,
    Believing me as their greatest goal,
    And do not depend on any other method,
    But meditate on me and worship me,
    And have their mind fixed in me,
    Would get freed from this sea life with death,
    And Oh Arjuna, I redeem them and protect them.

    If you always keep your mind in me,
    And let your intellect rest in me,
    There is never any doubt at any time,
    That you would live in me, after that.

    Oh Arjuna, but if you do not have,
    The capacity to keep your mind firmly in me,
    Then you can attain me by steady practice of Yoga.

    If you are not even able to practice yoga,
    Do all actions of yours dedicated to me,
    And such actions also would lead you to perfection.

    In case where, even this cannot be done,
    Then with deep sense of humility and
    A mind, only thinking of surrender to me,
    Be pleased to renounce the fruit of all your actions.
    Knowledge is superior to yogic practice,
    Meditation is superior to mere knowledge,
    Renunciation is far superior to meditation,
    For Renunciation speedily takes you to peace.

    That great devotee is very dear to me,
    Who does not hate anybody else?
    Whose mind is filled with friendliness?
    Who is also a store of mercy?
    Who does never claim anything as his?
    Who is completely devoid of pride?
    Who feels pain and pleasure as equal?
    Who is always filled with joy?
    Who is the one who likes yoga,
    Whose decisions are always firm,
    And who dedicates his mind and intellect to me.

    That great devotee is very dear to me,
    Who never puts the world in to trouble?
    Who is never tormented by the world?
    And who is free from elation, jealousy, fear and anxiety.

    That great devotee is very dear to me,
    Who does not want anything, which is pure?
    Who is clever, who is extremely indifferent,
    Who is never troubled and does not start.
    Any action aiming at fruits of such action.

    That great devotee is very dear to me,
    Who never rejoices, who never hates?
    Who never grieves, who never wants?
    And who has renounced all good and bad.

    That great devotee is very dear to me,
    Who is alike to friend and foe?
    Who behaves similarly in honor and dishonor?
    Who is alike in heat and cold?
    Who is alike in pain and pleasure?
    Who is free from any attachment?
    Who likes alike praise and censure?
    Who is silent, who is satisfied with anything,
    Who is without a home and who is stable?

    All those great devotees, who practice this method,
    Which is perennial and is as per Dharma,
    According to the above said method and with faith,
    Are those who consider me as their supreme goal?
    And are extremely dear to me.

    Thus ends the twelfth chapter of Bhagawad Gita,
    Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
    Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
    And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
    Which is called “The path of devotion.”
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