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    Seethala Devi

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    The Form of Goddess Parvathy which is believed to cure fever. She is worshipped in

    Vandeham Seethalam Devim,
    Rasabhastham Digambaram,
    Marjanee kalasopetham,
    Soorpalankrutha masthakam

    My Salutations to Devi Sithala,
    Who rides on a donkey,
    Who wears the directions as dress,
    Who holds in her hand the holy pot, (this form to get rid of small pox.)
    Who holds in her hands a broomstick
    And who holds in her hand a chaffer.

    Translated By P.R.Ramachander
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    Seethalam or seetham (remember seethoshnam) denotes coolness. It is the equivalent to Maari in Tamil that denotes rain. India being a country in tropical region, people always crave for relief from the scorching sun. That's why the need for a deity that promises one such solution. Thus, the Seethala Devi is the northern counterpart of our Mariyamma. Seethala Devi promises relief from heat and allied problems that directly impact our body temperature. Small pox or chicken pox also being the eruption of boils all over the body due to excessive heat, Her mercy is sought to get cure.
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