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    adharam madhuram vadanam madhuram
    nayanam madhuram hasitam madhuram
    hRdayam madhuram gamanam madhuram
    madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram

    "His lips are sweet; His face is sweet;
    His eyes are sweet; His smile is sweet:
    His Heart is sweet; His gait is sweet;
    Every single thing about the Lord of Mathura is completely sweet!

    vacanaM madhuraM caritaM madhuraM
    vasanaM madhuraM dalitaM madhuram
    calitaM madhuraM bhramitaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipatim akhilaM madhuram

    "His words are sweet; His acts are sweet; His dress is sweet;
    His posture is sweet. His walk is sweet, and His wanderings are sweet.
    Every single thing about the Lord of Mathura is completely sweet!"

    veNur madhuro reNur madhuraH
    pANir madhuraH pAdau madhurau
    nRtyaM madhuraM sakhyaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His flute is sweet; the dust of His lotus feet is sweet.
    His hands are sweet; His feet are sweet. His dancing is sweet;
    His friendship is sweet. Everything about the Supreme Lord of
    sweetness is sweet."

    gItaM madhuraM pItaM madhuraM
    bhuktaM madhuraM suptaM madhuram
    rUpaM madhuraM tilakaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His song is sweet, His drinking is sweet; His eating is sweet, His
    sleeping is sweet. His beauty is sweet, His tilaka is sweet. Every
    thing about the Lord is completely sweet."

    dharaNaM madhuraM taraNaM madhuraM
    haraNaM madhuraM ramaNaM madhuram
    camitaM madhuraM zamitaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His acts are sweet, His delivering is sweet,
    His stealing is sweet, His enjoyment is sweet.
    His heartfelt outpourings are sweet, His peace
    is sweet. Everything about the Supreme Lord
    is fully sweet."

    gunjA madhurA mAlA madhurA
    yamunA madhurA vIcI madhurA
    salilaM madhuraM kamalaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His Gunja necklace is sweet, as is His garland.
    His Yamuna River is sweet, her waves are sweet,
    and her waters are sweet. The lotus flowers are also sweet.
    Everything is completely sweet about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of sweetness."

    gopI madhurA lIl A madhurA
    yuktaM madhuraM bhuktaM madhuram
    dRSTaM madhuraM ziSTaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His foremost devotees, the gopis, are sweet. His pastimes
    are sweet. Meeting with Him is sweet. Being enjoyed by
    Him is sweet. Being noticed (seen) by Him is sweet. His
    character is sweet. Simply everything about the Lord of
    sweetness is all-sweet."

    gopA madhurA gAvo madhurA
    yaSTir madhurA sRSTir madhurA
    dalitaM madhuraM phalitaM madhuraM
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram
    madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

    "His cowherd friends are sweet; His cows are sweet.
    His cane is sweet; His creation is sweet, His
    destruction is sweet, and His fruition is sweet.
    Everything about the Supreme Lord is totally sweet."

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