Surname Confusion.
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    Surname Confusion.

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    We, in Tamilnadu do not have suraname. All the people I know only carried the first letter of the father's name as initial. though carried their villege name also. So Sundar, son of Natarajan, will write his name as N Sundar. Fine, until PAN no forms and Passport applications ask you to expand your initials fully as well as mention your surname. 'Suffering from' surnamelessness, we tend to write father's name as surname; and that opens a lots of problems.

    Passport office expands the initials and writes the name as Natarajan Sundar.
    I.T department mentions the surname after the first name. So Sundar's name appears as Sundar Natarajan. If you happen to have another addition like Rao or Sarma many more combinations happen such as Sundar Rao Natarajan or Rao Sundar Natarajan.

    It is not just funny. I am afraid somewhere some one will end up in difficulty in proving his identity or have his identity mixed up. in the given example whet will happen of some other Natarajan who is the son of some other Sundar crossed our hero's path and some official mismatched the names and facts?

    Should we tel the government to declare a standardised way of wrting names? Or is ther one existi ng already?
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    i understand your dilemma.

    first time i came across this issue was for my high school certificate over 40 years ago. i solved the issue, by putting my father's name as first name, and my own as the second.

    thanks to this switch, my children carry on my name, as their last name.

    my nephew did the opposite, and so his children carry his father's name as their last name.

    initially, on confronting this issue, i had thought of creating a last name out of my gothram ie haridha. but, was laughed out, by my family, who were not quite aware of the intracies of name listing on official documents.

    so, out went haridh.

    recently, i read a very interesting novel, about the life stories of 3 generations of a gujju family from navsari who sought out their fortunes in the distant parts of the erstwhile british empire.

    when faced with the same problem re last name, each chose his profession - hajratwalla, tailor and presswala etc..

    based on that, i wish had initiated a new last name for myself eons ago.. engineer? or better still i.t.wallah

    btw, the government of india, is aware of this. nowadays, the disembarkation / embarkation card clearly calls for the first and last names. it was not always like that.

    thank you.
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