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    Rig Veda by Ravana

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    I am a man who is 57, doing research in Vedas enrolled with Utkal University of Culture for Ph.D. the title

    "Vedas- A new critical Analysis with special reference to Human health and Body."

    In this I am writing about the science behind Temples, lighting of holy lamp, drawing of Kolams in our house etc., and this is purly based on NaNo Technology, Occult Chemistry and Alchemy.

    Once it is submitted I am confident that entire medical people will change their approach from the present theory.

    When going through few magazines and manuscript I found that

    Ravana, the Lankathipathi wrote commentaries on Rig Veda VII kanda.

    This is Garbho upanishad.

    I need few supporting evidences. But wish to add more.

    Any one can help in finding this?

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