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    Epilogue as prologue

    The opening post #1 by Sri Vikrama mentioned the origin of universe as taught in both Vedas and in Science. Subsequently the description there was about tracing the history of mankind through important milestones as noted in Vedas.

    The term 'Brief History of Time' became popular with the publishing of a book with this title by Stephen Hawking back in the 1990s. There the focus was on current scientific understanding of this entity called Time, which itself may have a beginning and may possibly end as well!

    My own interest has been in understanding what our scriptures and Science have to say about Time as an entity having a 'history' - namely a beginning and ending. The opening post's references to Big Bang and our scriptures provided me an opportunity to just focus on those aspects.

    What we find is that Time as an entity seem to be a subjective 'illusion/experience' both from Vedantic teaching and from the current conclusions in Physics.

    If it is a subjective experience, then Time, which is synonymous with arrow of time, may have been experienced only by the first life form that is 'intelligent'?

    It is interesting that the seers (Rishis) were able to understand Timelessness as the essential truth of Time.

    In the context of experience of arrow of time, there is this unfoldment of human milestones from the descriptions found in Vedas. I do not have knowledge in this area. Post #1 is the only description that addresses this area and can be expanded upon by experts at a future 'time' .
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