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    English translation of Ayodhya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayanam

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    The odyssey of my effort of translation of Valmiki Ramayana continues. I had informed you exactly two months back that I had uploaded the translation of Balakandam. Ayodhya Kandam starts with the intention of Dasaratha to crown Rama as Yuvaraja and ends with Rama leaving Chithrakuta mountain towards the Dandakaranya(Punishing forest) the most important aspects of Ramayana reported in this book are the decision of Dasaratha to crown Rama as Yuvaraja, Poisoning of the mind of Kaikeyi by Mandhara , a hunchback, Kaikeyi ‘s demanding Dasaratha to crown Bharatha instead of Rama and banishing Rama to forest for fourteen years , Rama ‘s going to forest along with Sita and Lakshmana, their meeting with Guha and sage Bharadwaja and settling down in Chithrakuta , Dasaratha ’s death, Bharatha ‘s coming back from his maternal grandfather’s place , the funeral of Dasaratha, Bharatha ‘s refusal for the coronation, Bharatha’ s visit to Chithrakuta, Refusal of Rama to return, Bharatha ‘s coming back with Sandals of Rama and crowning them and Ram’s departure from Chithrakuta.
    To those who have not Ramayana , I have a request. Please read it sloka by sloka. The treatment of Valmiki of Rama ‘s story will move you to tears. Several times during this translation I was spiritually with those great characters of Ramayana and was moved to tears . There is no word to describe this great book. It is simply remarkable.
    You would find my translation of Ayodhya Kanda in

    Ayodhya Kanda Chapters 1-18
    Valmiki Ramayanam in english: Ayodhya Kanda 1-18
    Ayodhya Kanda Chapters 19-44
    Valmiki Ramayanam in english: Ayodhya Kanda 19-44
    Ayodhya Kanda 45-59
    Valmiki Ramayanam in english: Ayodhya Kanda 45-59
    Ayodhya Kanda 60- 82
    Valmiki Ramayanam in english: Ayodhya Kanda 60-82
    Ayodhya Kanda 83-119
    Valmiki Ramayanam in english: Ayodhya Kanda 83-119

    Some of the aspects which I learnt from translating Ayodhya Kanda are
    1.Dasaratha has some doubt regarding likely problem for the coronation either by Kaikeyi/ Bharatha
    2.Dasaratha had altogether 350 wives
    3. Most probably Kaikeyi was very young compared to his other wives.
    4.Kakeyi had a large number of hunchbacks with her for purpose of entertainment.
    5. Charioteers were important people in the kingdom. At least two of them are mentioned as ministers of Dasaratha.
    6. The saint killed in the forest by using Sabdha Bhedi arrow by Dasaratha was the son of Vaisya father (saint) and a Shudra mother .
    7.Lakshmana used to get very angry quickly.
    8.Some of the answers of Sita were very curt.
    9.Lakshmana did not take leave from his wife.
    10.In fact there is no mention in this part of Ramayana about the wives of Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna.
    11.Rama does a Vasthu Bali before occupying his hermitage in Chithrakuta.
    12.He offers Pinda with a fruit pulp and a fruit juice to his departed father.
    13.The cloth which lady saints wear woven with grass is called “Cheera”, which is same word used in Malayalam for Sari.
    14.Jabali , who was a minister of Dasaratha was a great Brahmin as well great atheist.,
    Yours Ramachander
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramachander View Post
    2.Dasaratha had altogether 350 wives
    OMG! 350??

    I wonder how on earth Lord Rama had the idea to be just Eka Patni Vrat when His father Dasaratha would have been free only for 15 days a year!
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