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    Kandhar Anubhuthi in english

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    Dear Friends,
    God Kanda (or Skanda-He who supports everything)) or Muruga (the pretty lord)or Kumara(The young lad) or Guha(he who lives in the cave of our mind) or Karthikeya(He who was taken care of by Karthigai maidens) or Arumugha(Or Shanmuga-the God with six faces) has been sung about by literally thousands of poets in Tamil Nadu. But the pride of place among those poets would be occupied by Saint Arunagirinathar of Thiruvannamalai in Tamil nadu. His Thiruppugazh(divine fame of god) is possibly the greatest ever book that would extol Kanda. “The poet Arunagirinathar represents a remarkable blend of Tamil literary genius, a high degree of devotion to Murugan and a musical expertise” It literally melts one’s mind . Kandar alankaram(Description of Kanda) and Kandar Anubhoothi(Spiritual union with Kanda) are two other great books of this poet. I have tried my best to translate Kandhar Anubhuthi , realizing well, that I am too much insufficient for the job that I have undertaken. This translation is available in
    With best wishes, Ramachander
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    Good effert! Thanks for sharing

    R Venkatraman
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