How To Keep Potatoes From Budding
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    How To Keep Potatoes From Budding

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    How to keep potatoes from budding is a very frequently asked question. People have their own assumptions related to the buddings in potatoes. For some consuming such potatoes is toxic while for some they are perfectly safe to eat. Though there are ways by which one can easily avoid budding of the potatoes, it is very important to know why the budding occurs in the potatoes.
    Potatoes need a dark place for their storage. If the potatoes are not stored properly, the decomposition of potatoes hastens, leading to breakdown of starch and budding of potatoes. This happens also when the potatoes are stored in a very warm place.
    The buddings in potatoes are not healthy and one should try to keep potatoes from budding. If there is a budding and the potato is mushy and wrinkled, the potato should not be used for eating. But if the potato is firm, it means that the nutrients of potato are still in place and thus such potato can be eaten after removing the bud. Though consuming the bud of the potato is not very harmful, it might cause an upset stomach and indigestion.

    The best way to avoid budding in potato is to store potatoes in a dark place. Check for the humidity of the store house as the potatoes tend to bud in humid places. Also, keep potatoes from budding by storing them in not very warm place. 45-50 degrees is the ideal temperature for storing potatoes and also to avoid budding in potatoes.

    • One of the other ways to keep potatoes from budding is storing them away from onions and garlics. These vegetables also cause budding in potatoes.
    • Potatoes when stored in a paper bag stay fresh and healthy for a longer time. You can put an apple in the potato bag to keep potatoes from budding.
    • Even placing a lemon in the potato bag will help to avoid budding in potatoes.
    • To retain the flavor of potatoes, it is advisable to store potatoes in the vegetable crisper. Washing the potatoes before storing them lessens the flavor of potatoes.

    Potatoes are one of the most used vegetables in every kitchen, and since now you know how to store them properly, relish all your potato meals any day and any time.

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