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Thread: Think or sink!

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    Addiction to the idiot Box.

    Most people never want to think for themselves.

    Now most people have forgotten that man is born with a capacity to think!
    Thanks to the many screens and in many sizes!

    Those who do not want to think keep watching the hundred + channels in the T.V.

    interlacing news with sports, soap operas with movies...lest they might miss something very important.

    What will be the impression formed on the brain by this AVIYAL is beyond my comprehension and my wildest imagination!

    The P.C.devotees on the other hand need step by step instructions to perform even a simple chore!

    Where is the world heading to?


    Add to this the addiction for non stop entertainment on any screen ...anywhere and the NEED to text everything, all the time ....to one who may or may not be far far away!

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