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      Discuss temple rituals and their significance for temples around the world, along with the temple deities and their significance. Also Information about Hindu pilgrimage places within India - the significance of the place/deity, how to get there, tour operators if any, staying facilities etc.

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      This section discusses lifestyles, historic and current views about Brahmins. Discussions question or provide new information on long-standing understanding of the way we live.

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      Please do not use this forum to engage in discussions against any particular religion or caste. Such topics will be promptly deleted.

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      Pictures of various Hindu Gods & Goddesses, Temples and Rituals.

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      A collection of various spiritual and devotional books in Tamil including slokas, mantras, pooja procedures and more.

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      Discourses and Upanyasam Videos by various eminent personalities.

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      Information regarding any particular Slokam or Mantram and for any queries regarding the same.

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      Topics unrelated to other forums. Please note many of the topics can be sensitive in nature. Use your discretion! If you do not like or agree with something, better move to another topic. Keep Calm and Stay Cool at all times!

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      All the latest politics and current affairs from India and across the world.

  1. Philosophy & Traditions: Philosophical roots to understand the universe , traditions and practices

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      This has been replaced by a newer section and as such all old posts are now read only. If discussion on any old posts is needed, please let know so that they can be moved for discussion.

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      This section deals with the philosophical roots of current practices. Philosophical basis and Theological approaches to understanding and assessing the intellectual claims of religion and beliefs

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      Doctrinal aspects of various schools of thought to understand nature of spacetime & reality from many perspectives of Philosophy, and Science with appropriate citation of reference. While philosophical discussions of nature of Isvara/God is fine there are other sections below to discuss the theological and faith aspects. Scholarly debates using contemporary examples & references are encouraged.

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      Share the latest Top Stories, Breaking News on national and world affairs.

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      Science and technology news, developments and trends, gadgets and more.

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      Relax and laugh

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      Book reviews, recommendations, news and excerpts from a range of books in Tamil and English including religious and non-religious books.

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      All about classical music and dance.

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      Collection of news, quotes, stories, thoughts on Health and Fitness.

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      Share your favourite quotes, sayings and thoughts.

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      Well researched and in-depth articles on a variety of topics. Forum is read only. Comments and discussions on the articles can be posted in General Discussions section.

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      Post all poetry and literary works, reviews, original compositions and more.

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      Collection of inspirational quotes, stories, thoughts of the day and more.

  2. Naveena Swayamavaram Brahmin Matrimony: Exlusive matrimony service for the brahmins facilitating the marriage of Brahmin Boys and Brahmin Girls. Free Registration!

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      Search for your Brahmin Bride here. Boys looking for Brahmin Girls

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      Search for your Brahmin Bridegroom here. Girls looking for Brahmin Boys.

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      Did you join us recently? Drop in and tell us a little about yourself

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      Please use this forum to request and to provide assistance.

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      Post your job requirements here. Please post all details here and do not post links to any external job sites. Such links/posts will be removed.

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      Talk about anything you like

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      Post your Advertisements and Services.

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      Post your links to informational resources. Do not post links that are senstive in nature or those that can hurt other's feelings.

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      Post anything here that you would like to discuss with the admins & mods. Only your own messages will appear here and no one else besides the forum admins & mods will be able to read your message.

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      Feel free to post your feedback and any suggestions.

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