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  1. Root cause of human Bondage
  2. Veda as brief history of time
  3. Some observations about Maha Sivarathri
  4. Guru Poornima - An attempt to initiate a scholarly discussion
  5. SandhyaVandanam & Nithya Karmas in the context of modern living - what, why, how
  6. Talking to a young adult about Ganesha and pantheons of Hindu Gods & Goddesses
  7. Tamizh cultural portal- S. Gurumoorthy explains the idea behind spiritual fair
  8. If we won't save Sanskrit why stop foreigners?
  9. Fasting during Ekadashi-Science behind it
  10. poonthanam's maya varnana
  11. poonthanam's moola thatthwam
  12. Self-Growth by study of Ramayana
  13. Worthy words.
  14. Nature of the Self
  15. Authorship of Saundarya lahari