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  10. Kacy Catanzaro Winner of American Ninja Warriors 2014
  11. Student Who Proved Doubters Wrong is Ready to “Make a Difference” as Microsoft Intern
  12. ராமபிரானுக்கு அவரது குரு வசிஷ்டர் சொன்ன
  13. Independence day
  14. This 20-Yr-Old Works As An ATM Guard, Studies Under A Streetlight
  15. This Billionaire Barber From Bengaluru Arrives In A Rolls Royce To Give haircut
  16. 10-yr-old boy stopped train, saved 850 lives
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  18. Barely Adults, the 2 Boys are Already CEOs
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  29. கடைபிடி
  30. My Story: I Was Penniless & Searching For A Job, So For Straight Six Months I Slept O
  31. This Israeli Man Left His Job, Came To India And Transformed 70 Acres Of Barren Land
  32. வறியவர்களின் பசியைப் போக்குங்கள்...........
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  34. Story About IIT Grad, Now Bengaluru Cab Driver, Goes Viral
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  36. She walks 10km, crosses forest to teach kids
  37. 12 Greatest Truths from Bruce Lee, the Master of Self-Mastery
  38. Hats off to this nature lover!
  39. Once a mechanic, Indian businessman now owns 22 apartments in Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  40. Feel good about who you are
  41. An inspiring story about Jordan
  42. Every life has a story to tell
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  44. She quit her IBM job to found a diaper company
  45. Rags to riches: Delivery man now China’s third-richest billionaire
  46. தமிழில் விளையாடுவோம்!
  47. Engineer who inspired Aamir Khan’s role in ‘3 Idiots’ gets international award
  48. How a girl who worked in Telangana for a daily wage of Rs 5 became a millionaire
  49. “A woman’s place is in the kitchen” Sudha Murthy reminisces
  50. A man whose salary is 500 Crores, got rejected by many multinational companies
  51. Famous Failures
  52. This NGO is training and rehabilitating youngsters addicted to drugs
  53. Azhagi - Tamil fonts made EZ !
  54. The mother of 2 who won medals for India
  55. நீங்களும் சாதிக்கலாம்! - சுகி சிவம்
  56. Feynman Technique to learn anything
  57. புதுமைப் பெண்