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  1. Windows 8
  2. Ubuntu 11.4
  3. Sharpened.net
  4. Free Computer Courses.
  5. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - their important roles
  6. Dennis Richie the father of Unix and "C" language passes away.
  7. Stop Online Privacy Act
  8. India's Techies Angered Over Internet Censorship Plan
  9. iPhone controversy
  10. Buying laptop?
  11. password
  12. Nepotism
  13. Google launches free SMS service on Gmail in India
  14. Rail Radar: on line location of trains
  15. Computer books on ASP, Visual Basic - used books offered free
  16. Conceived in Haste, India’s Internet Law Now Targeted for Change
  17. IT & Walmart
  18. IT and corruption
  19. Andy Rubin, Android's founder, leaves project; Pichai takes over
  20. வைரஸ் தாக்கிய ‘பென்ட்ரைவ்’ இலிருந்து பைல்
  21. Cheap water purification
  22. This might be useful to India's Slum Dwellers
  23. World's first smartphone for the blind, made in India
  24. Atlantic Highway , Norway
  25. Reasons you should buy Canon point-and-shoots and printers
  26. 3 Ways You Can Improve Smartphone Reception
  27. India’s youngest CEO Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran two brothers from Chennai
  28. கொஞ்சம் தண்ணீர் – மொபைல் சார்ஜ் செய்ய‌!
  29. A 'tab' on the market Samar Khurshid, Hindustan Times
  30. Google Glass
  31. Georgia Tech, Udacity To Offer Master's Degree
  32. Indian American teen Eesha Khare invents wondrous 20-sec charger, Google eyes bid
  33. Goa girl develops touch-free phone technology
  34. Might be useful to kids-EddyPaddy
  35. Doubts about IT Education
  36. Narayana Murthy returns to take charge of struggling Infosys
  37. Blood test may diagnose Alzheimer's disease early
  38. Goa girl develops touch-free phone technology
  39. BMW Traffic Jam Assistant puts self-driving car closer than you think
  40. Indian rail & trains
  41. N Srinivasan to attend ICC meet, India to oppose DRS: report
  42. Can Electron Microscopy Resolve The HIV Battle?
  43. Relieve Pain
  44. 60 Billion Earth-like Planets Could Exist in Milky Way Galaxy
  45. Douglas C. Engelbart, Inventor of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 88
  46. Japan's most hi-tech Bicycle Parking!
  47. To clean the air, Dutch scientists invent pavement that eats smog.
  48. what an Idea to save oil in South Korea!!
  49. Google Makes Another TV Push With $35 Chromecast Device
  50. Japanese Math Professor Excellent Optical Illusionist
  51. Drinking Water out of Air
  52. Rice Transplanter: Rice Planting Machine
  53. what curiosity can do!!
  54. Engineer's plastic-to-fuel device passes patent office tests Manish Raj, TNN
  55. TCS can become India's first company to reach $100 billion in market cap
  56. You won't believe what the new LG technology, Ultra HD can do.
  57. Introducing iPhone 5S -
  58. Georgia Tech, Udacity To Offer Master's Degree
  59. How Does the Internet Work?
  60. New York City Marathon Signs Tata Consultancy as Title Sponsor
  61. Gate Tower Building With a Highway Through it
  62. Driverless Cars for the Road Ahead
  63. Helmet that gives directions, weather reports
  64. The Decline of Wikipedia
  65. There could be 40 billion habitable earth size planets
  66. Pen that can check for spelling mistakes in handwriting.
  67. The 25 most difficult questions you will be asked on a job interview.
  68. Li-Fi : In China, tap light bulbs to access internet
  69. World's Cheapest Tablet
  70. No-Wash Shirt Doesn't Stink After 100 Days
  71. The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters
  72. Cars that will run for 100 years without need of Gas, petrol or diesel
  73. India is now world’s third largest Internet user after U.S., China
  74. These Anti-Rape Garments
  75. Tool to Ease Births
  76. LG Launches New Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer
  77. How do we reduce India's dependence on Oil
  78. Low-cost smartphones cannibalise feature phone market
  79. Japanese Company to harness solar energy from Moon
  80. Sonowden picked hacking skills in India
  81. Whiz-kid , 13, teaches technology class to MIT graduates
  82. Drinking Water Made Out Of The Air's Humidity In Peru Desert
  83. Apple - Life on iPad
  84. New 'smart' ring sends smartphone updates to your finger
  85. Boy gets prosthetic hand made by 3-D printer
  86. Cheap brand Micromax aims to go global, high-end
  87. Rotimatic - Introducing Automatic Roti Making.
  88. invention of Virtual Brailler
  89. Now you can taste your favourite food online!
  90. At a speed of 49 mbps, you can now download a movie in just two minutes!
  91. "Superman memory crystal" could store hundreds of terabytes indefinitely
  92. Samsung vs Indian brands: Why Micromax, Karbonn are steadily gaining
  93. Generate Your Own Electricity by Pedaling This Bicycle Desk
  94. Over 100,000 innovations from rural Indian school dropouts!!
  95. IT Offshoure KPO Process Set-up
  96. Google contact lense to monitor glucose levels in diabetic patients
  97. Cheap Android cell phone
  98. Phosphorene as rival to Graphene
  99. Scientists create bone like material lighter than water but as strong as steel
  100. 10 Great Innovations of Year 2013
  101. Humanity will detect aliens by 2040, researcher says
  102. does windows 8 need more RAM than windows 7, also understanding working speed
  103. Eesha Khare -a young Scientist
  104. Creating Bioplastics from Banana Peel
  105. Ann Makosinski, 15-Year-Old, Invents Body Heat-Powered Flashlight
  106. Interesting blog: Tech Geek For Ever
  107. Gold motors inside cells to deliver medicines to specific cells
  108. Robot moving like a Cheetah
  109. The First Computer Programmer Was A Woman?
  110. 22 Obsolete Technologies That People Thought Would Last Forever
  111. Paralyzed woman walks again with the help of 3D printed exo skeleton
  112. Mongoose plant as anti dote to Viper bites
  113. Blind mice see light after a simple drug therapy
  114. Samsung Galaxy S5:‘The Fastest Device Around
  115. Forget the Internet - soon there will be the OUTERNET
  116. Boeing Black: A self detructing James Bond esque smartphone for spies!
  117. Google Project Ara : A vision for a $50 Lego-esque smartphone.
  118. Can't afford the 5S-Try Goophone
  119. முக்கோணத்தின் பரப்பு
  120. An exo suit to explore under the ocean!
  121. Apple announces Carplay, the iphone experience for cars
  122. Heat trapped in Oceans can provide electricity to the world
  123. IBM to put power of Watson on your smartphone
  124. Want to make free calls? Try this service
  125. The billboard that produces potable water out of air
  126. Retweet the Tery shipman way!
  127. Computer generates one picture, with nearly 17 million colours crammed into it.
  128. Samsung's new music streaming service-Milk Music
  129. Fukishama could make Japan a leader in Nuclaer Cleanup Tech!
  130. Fukishama could make Japan a leader in Nuclear Cleanup Tech!
  131. Cupid: A drone with 80000 Volt Laser
  132. InteraXon At SXSW: Using Your Mind To Pour A Beer
  133. Yeah, this cable can carry your data at the lightning speed of 800 Gbps!
  134. 2 Indian students among top 10 of Intel science awards
  135. Flappy Bird addicts, rejoice! Don Nguyen is “considering” to bring back Flappy Bird
  136. Neil Young’s PonoPlayer smashes through Kickstarter target. In ONE day!
  137. What is cloud computing?
  138. Scientists breathe life into a moss that was caged in ice for more than 1500 years!
  139. How India's Chet Kanojia is shaking up the US TV industry
  140. There's A New Scam To Steal Your Gmail Info, And It's Hard To Catch
  141. Google announces Android Wear, a software platform for wearables
  142. After April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available
  143. Moto 360 and G Watch : The first Smartwatches running on android wear
  144. 12-year-old LEGO genius invents low-cost Braille printer
  145. Indian-American scientist finds why cholesterol worsens in winter
  146. Twitter becomes more Facebook like
  147. This Sansisk MicroSD card packs in a whopping 128 GB of memory!
  148. Help with TABLET
  149. Elon Musk:The amazing man championing innovations
  150. How Facebook is going to spearhead the Internet revolution!
  151. Indian scientist develops potential non-insulin diabetes drugs
  152. U.S. gets new, hyper-accurate atomic clock
  153. Water Wheel
  154. Google reportedly wants to launch a Mobile Network in Fibre areas
  155. Tobacco could eventually lead to new cancer treatment
  156. 25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World
  157. US Navy reveals 'game changing' fuel created from water
  158. Amazon unveils the Dash, a device that makes sure that you don't run out of anything
  159. More details about Twitter's Facebook-esque redesign
  160. Solar powered plane to circumnavigate the globe
  161. Health Researchers See if Google Glass Can Help Parkinson's Patients
  162. Coming, ATMs that retaliate when they are attacked
  163. Palm sized portable printer
  164. US scientists use coconut dust for germinating stronger seeds -
  165. Free Internet
  166. Glass gets upgraded to Kitkat in a HUGE update
  167. Facebook to start “Nearby Friends” feature that notifies you in case Friends are near
  168. The world's most technology ready countries
  169. Google Street View now allows you take a trip back in time
  170. Skype makes Group Video Calls free (Finally)
  171. Four Indians win awards at Harvard competition for startups
  172. “master regulator” role for little-known protein in cancer cells
  173. Google Glass’ that was sold for $ 1500 has components whose cost amounts to only $80
  174. Google Maps gets huge update (With Uber integration!)
  175. Amazon just made shopping a whole lot more convenient
  176. Lenovo unveils the N270p, it’s vision of how a Chromebook should be
  177. Lenovo improves upon a solid formula with the Thinkpad 10
  178. Height of absurdity-Renaming a Terminal
  179. Amazing smart phone that is dirt cheap: Moto E
  180. Renew IT: Affordable Computers for India
  181. U.S. Navy Has Found A Way To Turn Seawater Into Fuel
  182. What Smart Phones do to you!
  183. Google Glass finally gets a (Better) keyboard!
  184. “OK Google” Voice Search makes it to the stable build of Chrome
  185. Exclusive - Aneesh Chopra Extended Interview
  186. HP unveils a quad-core Android tablet…which costs only $100
  187. Samsung is making an independent smartwatch which doesn’t require a phone
  188. Microsoft announces the Surface Pro 3
  189. Apple is readying to make your iPhone a Home Automation Device
  190. Google's driverless car is good news for bad drivers Tech Yeah! Google's driverless p
  191. Toshiba unveils a $110 Android Kitkat tablet
  192. Future Roadways- Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!
  193. Forget tooth fillings, regrow teeth using lasers
  194. Translate Voice in Real Time using Skype
  195. Amazon to launch Music-Streaming service for Prime
  196. Samsung announces New Platform built around Health
  197. Technology that turns cow dung into clean water
  198. No Finger Prick Blood Sugar Meter on the Way
  199. Self healing concrete in the near future!
  200. Indian-origin scientist behind password-less future
  201. The Vertu Signature Touch has been announced: The most Premium Phone you can Buy
  202. The Oppo N1 Mini has been announced, but it isn’t as ‘Mini’ as you Think
  203. Leap Motion gains Game-Changing New Features, Which dramatically improves Accuracy
  204. Electric cars travels 1100 miles without a recharge
  205. MIT Students Create Solar Panels That Still Work In The Shade
  206. Grams: A Google-Clone, for searching the Dark Web’s dark world of drugs and hitmen
  207. Vertical farms-Whay waste farm land?
  208. New RFID tag could mean the end of Bar Codes
  209. The Personal Alarm Button
  210. Google planning to conquer Space?
  211. Mozilla to launch Rs.1,500 smartphone in India
  212. Space travel faster than the speed of light; Feasible & How
  213. Indian origin scientist Dr Vivek Mahadevan finds novel way to treat eplipepsy!
  214. Brain cells can be repaired, says new research
  215. Create the ultimate world clock with a quantum link
  216. Indian-Origin Scientist Discovers Mechanism To Treat Epilepsy
  217. FREEKALL lets you call anywhere free even without internet connectivity
  218. Indian boy who invented email
  219. Engineer Chitra Developed Machine Which Converts Plastic Waste into Diesel
  220. Chrome Is Now More Popular Than Internet Explorer
  221. Amazon launches 3D smart phone-Fire
  222. How does the cockpit of a 1000 mile/hour car look like
  223. Picture of phones 6 years back
  224. Artificial intelligence raises new hopes for Cancer patients
  225. Apple's first smartwatch draws closer to mass production
  226. Harley Davidson to launch electric bike
  227. Scientists successfully use arthritis drug to regrow completely bald man's hair
  228. Driverless trucks will be common place in Dutch by 2020
  229. Forget signals, you can make a call using wifi without skype or whatsapp
  230. Google gesture converting sign language to speech
  231. Terminator Eyes: Hi-tech contact lenses show texts and maps
  232. Watch this amazing Video: Robots mirroring the ubiquitous Cockroaches
  233. Wearable second brain for alzheimers and dementia sufferers
  234. The Nokia X2: The Successor to the Finnish Giant’s first Android Phone is here
  235. Nest announces the “Works with Nest” Program to make your Home even more Smart
  236. Mozilla developing a Chromecast Competitor that runs Firefox OS
  237. Windows smartphone to have anti theft switch installed by Microsoft by July’15
  238. Microsoft’ saucy Virtual Assistant Cortana is debutting in UK , China & Canada soon
  239. Robot valet to park cars at German airport
  240. Google announces Android TV
  241. Dawn of bionic age? Paralysed man becomes first to use power of thought to move hand
  242. Scientists create new battery that's cheap, clean, rechargeable... and organic
  243. A super stretchable yarn made from graphene as strong as Kevlar
  244. Apple resurrects the iPOD
  245. Google announces Google Fit, a Fitness Platform
  246. We will be 3D printing our clothes in next 10 years!
  247. Hydrogen breakthrough could be a game-changer for the future of car fuels
  248. Balloons could power space tourism by 2016
  249. More Space Junk Falling?
  250. பிஎஸ்எல்வி- சி 23 ராக்கெட் வெற்றிகரமாக விண