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  1. looking for boy
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  3. Alliance for my daughter
  4. alliance for my daughter
  5. Alliance for my daughter
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  27. Seeking alliance for my daughter
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  37. seeking bride for my cousin
  38. For my son US citizen 41 Phd veg brahmins non kousika bride wanted
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  41. Groom for my Daughter
  42. Seeking alliance for my daughter.
  43. Urgent: Looking for BrideGroom for my daughter
  44. For my brother 35 yrs living in Chennai
  45. Grooms , Brides and the Salary Hype Also Looking for a Bride
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  47. Looking fo alliance - for a divorced girl without issues
  48. Matrimony
  49. Bridegroom Wanted
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  51. Matrimonysite
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  55. Srilankan Iyer
  56. Bridegroom Wanted:
  57. Seeking an Iyengar groom
  58. Iyengar Boy looking for a Bride
  59. Bridegroom wanted
  60. Seeking groom for my daughter
  61. Note
  62. Bride Groom For Engineering Graduate Girl working in Bangalore.
  63. Alliance wanted for Bharath
  64. Bridegroom wanted
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  66. naveena swyamvaram when is to be held , where?
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  69. Matrimonial sites
  70. Seeking alliance for my second daughter 79 born ( re post)
  71. Bride for my son
  72. suitable bride for a 43 yr old Bharadwaja Iyer
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  75. AMMA KALYANAMALAI, Coimbatore
  76. Seeking alliance for my cousin sister
  77. Suitable Alliance for my niece
  78. Tamil Iyer Bride wanted for a 1974 born Boy- Chartered Accountant - Mumbai
  79. Tamil Iyer bridegroom wanted for my niece 1970 born, B Com ICWA MNC Job
  80. Bride Wanted
  81. Seeking Bridegrrom - Iyer Brahmin preferably in Mumbai
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  86. Bride groom for a poor girl
  87. Seeking Suitable Alliance
  88. Looking for Tamil Iyer Boy for my daughter (32 Years Old, Divorcee, IT Employed)
  89. Wanted bridegroom between 23-27, canadian, uk or us citizen /permanent resident
  90. Seeking suitable alliance!
  91. Any handsome tamilian guy from Mumbai out here?M looking for u....
  92. Looking for a suitable vadakalai iyengar girl for my nephew
  93. Looking for a Groom for my friend !!!
  94. Groom for a divorced girl
  95. Alliance for 40 yr.old
  96. Groom wanted for my NRI sister (in London)
  97. Seeking Alliance UK, US or Canada
  98. Looking for a groom
  99. Looking for a bride for our son.
  100. Doctor Groom for Doctor Bride
  101. Wanted groom
  102. Bride wanted
  103. old/done insertions
  104. wanted groom for our daughter
  105. Alliance for a well-educated, open-minded Iyer girl (29yr, divorced, no issues)
  106. hello to all
  107. alliance for my daughter
  108. Well Qualified and professionally placed Iyer Bridegrooms from USA or Canada Wanted
  109. want a smartha vadama bride groom
  110. Alliance for our daughter
  111. Looking for a Tamil Iyer girl for a Vedic Educated Boy.
  112. Namaskaram
  113. PG Doctor/MBA /MTech boy wanted betn 27-31 yrs in India
  114. Alliance for my Daughter
  115. 48 years old brahmin groom seeks bride below 40
  116. Looking for Gurukkal BrideGroom
  117. match for singapore based iyengar girl
  118. Marriage
  119. Looking for groom and bride
  120. Groom wanted
  121. Bridegroom wanted
  122. singapore bridegroom 32 to 36 years proffesionals in singapore may contact 9481153804
  123. Bridegrooms wanted
  124. Important information - Please read.
  125. Looking for a bride for our son
  126. alliance for my brother well settled in Mumbai
  127. Swayamvaram Event For All Brahmins
  128. Looking for Professionally qualified suitable Tamil Nadu Based Telugu Brahmin boy.
  129. We are looking for a Post Graduate Boy working in Bangalore !!
  130. We are looking for a Post Graduate Boy working in Bangalore !!
  131. Divorced / Widower Groom for my daughter
  132. wanted a bridegroom
  133. Bridegroom for my daughter
  134. Please Provide Complete Information
  135. New Format for posting requirement
  136. Looking for a Groom to my daughter
  137. Bridegrroom for my daughter
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  139. Bride Groom Wanted
  140. Suitable girl for my brother ravi in chennai
  141. Suitable Iyengar vadakalai boy for my sister other than srivathsa gotram
  142. Alliance for my daughter working in Canada - Iyengar- Vadakalai, Bharadwaj Gothram
  143. Bride wanted
  144. Looking for Suitable boy.
  145. Alliance for my daughter Rangashree
  146. wanted Brides for my brother in law 35years
  147. Unmarried, professionally qualified, educated, 41 to 45 Yrs
  148. Seeking Alliance for My Daughter
  149. Wanted a simple bride for my brother
  150. Alliance for my daughter
  151. bride grooms with PG and employed in india
  152. Bridegroom wanted
  153. Bride groom wanted
  154. Groom : employed in India-Age :24 to 29-Good family background & Good character
  155. Brahmin boys wanted
  156. my son is wkg in singapore.requirement for bride with good looking soft nature.
  157. Thirumanam - alliance for girl
  158. Bride Groom wanted
  159. We are Looking for a Groom to match our Daughter
  160. Looking for a bridegroom
  161. Bridegroom wanted for my daughter
  162. Bride for my son in Singapore
  163. Wanted Bride for my Son (20 to 23yrs)
  164. Alliance wanted for my daughter
  165. Seeking Alliance for my sister
  166. Bridge Groom wanted
  167. Looking for Iyengar Groom
  168. Bridegroom required for my sister
  169. Matrimonial - bridgegroom wanted
  170. Groom wanted
  171. Groom for my Niece
  172. seeking alliance for my daughter
  173. Looking for Groom for my daughter
  174. Looking for groom for my 26 yr daughter
  175. Bridegroom wanted
  176. Bridegroom for my daughter Meenakshi
  177. Looking for Bridegrooms for my daughter.....
  178. Alliances for my cousin sister (widower)
  179. Bride wanted for iyengar vadakalai boy aged 42 years
  180. Looking for Iyengar Groom for my daughter !!
  181. I am looking for a suitable girl for my Son Bharaniprasad.
  182. I am looking a suitable girl, for my Son, D Adharsh.D
  183. US Citizen Boy wanted for my daughter who is B.E ( India ) . MBA ( Canada)
  184. Bride groom wanted
  185. Seeking Brahmin Girl for Brahmin Boy
  186. Brides wanted
  187. want a bride groom for my daughter R.Akshaya Kumar
  188. want a bride groom for my daughter R. Subiksha Kumar
  189. wanted nonworking,poor brahmin girl
  190. Seeking a brahmin bride for my brother
  191. Brahmin groom wanted
  192. Seeking groom for my daughter
  193. looking for boy for my neice
  194. bridegroom wanted