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Sri VaraLakshmi Namastubhyam

Bombay Jayashree

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Sri varalakshmi namastubhyam
raagam: shree
Composer: Muttuswaami Dikshitar
Language: Sanskrit

shree varalakshmee nama-
stubhyam vasupradE
shree saarasapadE rasapa-
dE sapadE padE padE


bhaavaja janaka praaNa
vallabhE suvarNaabhE
bhaannukOTi samaana pra-
bhE bhakta sulabhE
sEvakajana paalinyai
shrita pankaja maalinyai
kEshava hrt khElinyai


shraavaNa powrNamee poorvastha shukravaarE
caarumatee prabhrtibhih poojitaakaarE
dEvaadi guruguha samarpita maNimayahaarE
deenajana samrakshaNanipuNa kanaka dhaarE
bhavanaa bhEdacaturE bhaaratee sannutavarE
kaivalyavitaraNaparE kaankshitaphalapradakarE

Salutations to Varalakshmi! who bestows fortunes, whose feet are like the lotus, graceful at every step. Please protect me.

Who is beloved of Vishnu-father of Cupid, who shines like molten gold. Whose effulgence is equal to that of a million suns. She is easily accessible to devotees and protects those who are devoted to her. She is adorned with a garland of lotus. She is the paragon of virtue and sports in the heart of KEshava (Krishna).

On the Friday before the full moon of the month of Shravan (Aug-Sept), she is worshipped by Suvaasinis. She wears a garland of gems offered by Guruguha and celestials. She is an expert in protecting the afflicted and resembles a shower of gold. She is an expert at differentiating emotions, is worshipped by Saraswati. She gives liberations (mOksha) and bestows desired boons.


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