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    Quote Originally Posted by samarapungavan View Post
    Dear Shri Nachi Naga Ji,

    Excellent! The link is wonderful. Thanks.

    The article seems to imply that it was "maaya seetha" who was abducted, which is found in some versions of the Ramayana, but Valmiki Ramayana clearly says that Ravana lifted her by clasping seetha physically.In any case it doesn't take away an iota of seetha's "paathi vrathyam" as quoted by you.

    Thanks once again.


    thnx.for me swami is best story teller.have seen some of the artifacts swami has shown from ramayana era,simply mind boggling.such exquisite artistic work,cannot find todayeven in prestigious musuem.recently my cousin visited me at my house and showed me the emerald ring embedded in gold that swami materialised for him the second time,as the first time it was way too tight,and by a mere blow of air thru his mouth-swami made the ring bigger and fit exactly in my brothers finger.such phenomenal miracle is carried on as part of the lore as sai mahima in our family circles.prahbhu lives amongst us,blessed are those who know our seetha-rama in parthi ,jai sai ram - om sai ram.
    Saraswati namasthubhyam Varade kaama roopini Vidyaarambham karishyaami Sidhirbhavatu me sadaa
    O Goddess Saraswati, the giver of Boons and fulfiller of wishes, I prostrate to You before starting my studies. May you always fulfill me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kr subramanian View Post
    From my childhood I was told stories of Rama as one who was truthful/honest who obeyed his parents. He was single wifed and gem of a character. He was ready to sacrifice anything for the welfare of the country and countrymen. He was a person to keep up his words etc etc.
    Recently one of my Hindu friend ( as we had a discussion of Nalambalam visit -ie visiting temples of Rama Bharatha Lakshmana and Satrugna on the same day during this month was treated to be auscipious)He was of the opinion that
    Rama was a indecisive person.
    He was always carried away by the words of others.
    For example - He was called by Guru to kill asuras and went with him. Later when Guru instructed he broke the Bow and married Sita.
    He without expressing his opinion obeyed his father and went to Forest without thinking what will be the future of the country.
    Your opinion ????
    Eventhough he was knowing he asked Sita to go through fire just after war to confirm her purity.
    ON the words of Hanuman he killed Bali
    On the words of a washerman he discarded his wife and let her alone in a forest.

    Like this he quoted many examples from Ramayana and wanted to establish his point.
    First off he did not break the bow. He attempted to string it, but broke when he bent it.

    These are not examples of being indecisive, but consulting type. But after consultations and counsels he took a decision and executed it.
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